Your DIY Guide to Reliable Heating & Cooling System Maintenance in [Ohio](

For over 138 years, the residents of Delhi, Westwood, White Oak, Bridgetown, Dent, Cheviot, Groesbeck, Covedale, and Cleves, OH have trusted Hader Heating & Cooling to keep their homes comfortable year-round. But did you know that there are some routine maintenance tasks that you can perform to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your system? Here’s your DIY guide to reliable heating & cooling system services.

Know Your System

Your initial step should involve a fundamental understanding of your heating or cooling system. Most homes either use a central heating system such as a furnace or boiler or a central cooling system like an air conditioner. Warm air systems work by distributing warm air throughout the house via ductwork, while cool air systems utilize the same ductwork to distribute cool air. A thorough knowledge of your specific system will help you in performing routine checks more effectively.

Regular Filter Checks and Replacements

One very rudimentary but crucial task homeowners can and should perform is the regular checking and replacement of air filters. A dirty air filter can significantly reduce the efficiency of your heating or cooling system and may cause damage over time. Some filters need replacement every month, while others may last for up to six months. Consult your owner’s manual for specifications related to your system.

Checking the Thermostat

Another vital component of your heating & cooling system is the thermostat. Check that it’s working correctly by setting it to a specific temperature and then verifying that the system reaches and maintains that temperature. If you have an older, mechanical thermostat, you might consider upgrading to a programmable one. Programmable thermostats increase home comfort and energy savings by customizing the temperature to your schedule.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

If your house has an outdoor unit, ensure that it’s free from any debris or obstructions that could affect its performance. Regularly trim shrubs and cut back trees that might interfere with airflow. During autumn, ensure to clean fallen leaves off of the unit and its surrounding area regularly. Also, ensure that your outdoor unit is level. If it’s not, it may operate inefficiently.

While these DIY tips can help in maintaining the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, some tasks may require professional help. For instance, if you’re experiencing unusual noises from your system, it’s not cooling or heating efficiently, or it continuously runs, it’s time to contact the professionals at Hader Heating & Cooling. With their extended usage all over the years, the residents of Ohio have trusted them in taking complete care of their heating and cooling system needs.

Remember, routine maintenance can reduce the potential for expensive repair costs in the future. Be proactive in your HVAC maintenance with the assistance of these DIY tips and professional services when necessary.

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