Beat the Heat with Turner & Schoel’s Comedy Hour!

When it comes to providing Professional Heating & Cooling Solutions, Turner & Schoel isn’t just about business, we’re all about cool… literally!

Picture this: It’s a sweltering summer’s day in Northport. The heat is rising, your AC unit is nowhere to be found, and you’re quite literally melting. Cue the dramatic music! Just when all hope appears to be lost, Turner & Schoel arrive, capes flowing majestically in the breeze. (Okay, we don’t actually wear capes, but we think HVAC superheroes would be a pretty incredible addition to our routine).

Our team of Heat-Busters confronts your ‘Inferno-sit-sweatin’-ation’ (Yeah, we just made that up, patent pending) with a heaping dose of icy relief. Armed with the latest technology in heating & cooling, we battle the forces of uncomfortable temperatures day in, day out. We’re not just technicians, we’re your personal cool-contentment-crusaders!

And if you want to talk about cool, why not check out our fantastic range of services here? After all, nothing’s cooler than being comfortable!

As Turner & Schoel always says, “We’re not just cool… We’re sizzling cool!” (And by that, we mean sizzling in the awesome way, not the sweating-your-shirt-off way.)

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