Unleash Your Inner Fitness Beast With Core Progression

If you’re tired of thumb wrestling for fitness and binge-watching Netflix as your cardio, it’s time to level up! At Core Progression Elite Personal Training located in North Austin, we aren’t your typical gym. We believe that physical fitness isn’t just about flexing bigger biceps. It’s about strengthening your funny bone too!

Our crew of high-spirited personal trainers prefer dumbbells to dullness, squats to sighs, and planks to yawns. Our approach to health is focused on three things: weight loss, laughs, and—most importantly—fun.

Had a hard day? Get ready to sweat it out and giggle it away with our tailor-made weight loss programs. Forget about the typical gym fans constantly flexing in front of mirror selfies. At Core Progression, we’re all about the progress, not the preening.

Remember folks: a day without laughter or exercise is a day wasted. So, come on over to Core Progression North Austin. We promise you’ll workout your abs, both through rigorous exercises and belly laughs!

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